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The Mutilator (Review)

1985 - 86 mins. - Rated R
D: Buddy Cooper
C: Matt Mitler, Ruth Martinez, Bill Hitchcock

This review is for the UNRATED version.

A teenager and his friends head to his father's beach house to close it up for the winter. However, it turns out dear old dead is lurking around the property and is intent on killing off his son and friends for the accidental death of his mother years ago.

The Mutilator is pretty corny most of the time with some really lame, though oddly amusing, songs on the soundtrack. It's populated by characters who say and do dumb things and are as dopey as possible, but that's all part of the film's charm. That's what gives The Mutilator an oddly endearing quality that has made it a favorite among 80's slasher fans. It's like a time capsule and revisiting this film brings back a nostalgia for the 80's. Another element that has made it so that The Mutilator has stood the test of time, is its horror elements. In this regard to the film's story, The Mutilator really delivers. The death sequences are gory, brutal, and highly effective. The Mutilator also has suspenseful stalking scenes in which the antagonist lurks about in the shadows keeping an eye on his prey from afar. The slasher elements are creepy and some of the most skillfully delivered of the early to mid 80's slasher craze. They have a way of keeping viewers jittery and on edge throughout. The Mutilator is, at times, goofy, but it's that awwwhhh shucks kind of quality that gives the film personality and makes it so that the characters are relateable. This makes the film's intense death sequences all the more potent. The Mutilator is one of the few films of its era that fully delivers upon the idea of what an 80's slasher should be.

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